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Cooking Up a Heritage Connection: Me, Grandma and a Pot of Beans

By Shannon Mustipher Kuumba is one of my favorite Kwanzaa principles, because all of us have creative potential at our disposal to positively affect our situation and that of those we encounter, regardless of our age, financial situation or educational status. Creativity is our birthright, and anyone can choose to tap into it: be it … Continue reading

Eva Smith of Tech. Food. Life. Celebrates Kuumba

Kwanzaa is a very important celebration for our heritage. It’s an international non-religious and non-heroic holiday to bring unity into the community. Today’s Kwanzaa principle is  Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah), “Creativity.” Making the community better and more beautiful. To do always as much as we can to make our community more beautiful.

Kuumba: Tips for Tastier Food & an Apple and Roasted Beet Salad

It seems creativity is an innate gift of the African diaspora. From hand made jewellery, intricate hairstyles to expressive art, and indeed food, we have been blessed with the talent to apply our resources in ways that make our lives and community better.  Today we celebrate Kuumba, which means “Creativity, and “Making the community better … Continue reading